Steady Beat Recordings was founded in 1993 by Luis P. Correa. The label is focused on the 60’s Jamaican ska Style. The original Ska! The label started primarily because there was a need for a local Los Angeles based Ska/Reggae label to produce some of the best music coming out during the early to mid 90’s Ska wave.

The 1st release was cassette entitled “The Blackpool’s Skampilation Vol. 1” a few more compilations later and the 1st band to join the label was Mobtown with “the Rhythm of Ska”, soon after a joint venture with Moon Records NYC, California Ska quake 2. The Allentons came on board, and so did The Blue Beat Stompers, The Inspector and Irie Beats rounded out the Steady Beat stable. Lets not forget Yeska and Ocean 11, Steady Beat distributed the “Greyhound to Chiapas” 7″ orange colored vinyl, and Ocean 11’s “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. In 2003 The label released The Allentons’ “En Route”, this marked and end of end era for Steady Beat, as sales and show attendance were declining.

Fast forward to 2008, after taking a 5 year break for a little R and R, Steady Beat Recordings is back with a very special project. A limited edition 7″ vinyl series. Limited to a 200 pressing. There is a limited handmade box set. Bands included Jamaica 69/Mexico, The Allentons, The Debonaires, Los Bullets, The Delirians, and Brixton Sounds. For now more single releases from local up and coming superstars. New for 2015-2016 JQ and the Revue 4 song 7″ EP, The Steady 45’s “Mama Said” 7″ -Thee Commons La Fiesta/ La Carcancha 7″, Saucy Horn, La Diabla



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