NEW Spaghetti Cumbia single S/T- b/w Baibii Banana

Spaghetti Cumbia rises from the dusty streets of Boyle Heights, California.  They’ve been cutting their teeth playing bars and clubs in and around
the area. They bring a new dimension to the Cumbia landscape in Los Angeles.

Their sound will have you imagining you are riding your horse across the western desert plain, the dusty trails, the tumbleweeds, the smell of the
chuckwagon. Yes, this is Spaghetti Cumbia, the offspring if Spaghetti Westerns had a Cumbia sound track.

The singles side A is the self-titled Spaghetti Cumbia, the soundtrack to your train robbing adventures. That’s right, it’s a song about a stick up, just like the wild wild west. The B side is Baibii Banana, a take on an obscure 70’s Cumbia.  Leaning heavy on the psych element with guagua effects, the song ploughs through the dance floor like a freight train.

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